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About Us

Expert Extensions is a family run business operating in Oldham, North Manchester.

We offer a wealth of experience in the construction industry, and provide specialist construction services - primarily in building extensions.

With over 20 years of experience - you can rest assured your building project is in safe hands.

Domestic and Commercial

Our skill base allows us to provide expert construction work for both domestic and commercial premises.

From modest residential properties through to elaborate architectural homes, we treat each and every project the same - Nothing short of perfection is good enough.

And when it comes to commercial properties - the same applies. We're operate with precision, professionalism and adhere to our clients instructions to the letter - leaving the client on budget and on time.


We know that our clients are always cost aware - meaning they expect clear pricing that's easy to understand and isn't going to get out of hand as a project progresses.

That's why we start each project with an accurate survey, a clear discussion with our clients and an estimate, or formal quote for the project to be undertaken.

Our clients are able to see clearly where the major costs lie, and are able to adjust their plans according to their budget and design ideas.

One of the key factors in our success is our cost transparency and ability to stick to plan - why risk 'unknown costs' when you can work with professionals who tell you the costs before work begins.

We're LABC and Safe Contractor approved - meaning you have additional peace of mind and assurance on the quality of our workmanship and practices.