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If you're considering a home extension, then great news on two counts...

Firstly, you've found a highly reputable and capable company able to offer superior quality building work at highly competitive prices

Secondly, home extensions aren't really as daunting as many people believe. With quality planning and project management, an extension can be built with minimal disruption to your home, and planning permission is now far less cumbersome than they used to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my extension?

Usually, planning permission is NOTrequired, but much depends on the size and nature of the extension.

We're more than happy to help you ascertain if permission is required, and if it is - this is a simple process that we perform on your behalf.

Are you qualified architects too?

No, we are not architects. We work closely with your chosen architect, or we can recommend an architect for you.

Architecture is a highly skilled trade and we'd always recommend the use of one for complex building projects.

We had build to your architect's specification and drawings and consider a great client - architect - builder relationship paramount to the success of any building project.

Will my home be disrupted by building work?

For a typical home extension, disruption is usually kept to an absolute minimum.

Of course, we can't pretend that access to some areas will be restricted, but generally speaking you're free to carry on living as you usually do in the vast majority of your rooms.

We also ensure that every effort is made to keep building 'mess' to a bare minimum too. We prefer to keep things clean and tidy every day - it keeps our workspace safer, and our clients happier.

We can I find our more about building regulations?

The UK Government has a great site that helps to explain everything you need to know about planning permission...

The Planning Portal

We're LABC and Safe Contractor approved - meaning you have additional peace of mind and assurance on the quality of our workmanship and practices.